Destiny Quotes
Of course, destiny is a funny thing. We go out to meet it and we don't always know that we are.

NARRATOR, The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

MASTER OOGWAY, Kung fu Panda (2008)

Can I say somethin' about destiny? Screw destiny! If this evil thing comes, we'll fight it and we'll keep fightin' it until we whup it. 'Cause destiny is just another word for inevitable, and nothing's inevitable as long as you stand up, look it in the eye, and say, "You're evitable!"

WINIFRED "FRED" BURKLE, Angel, "Offspring" (2001)

Destiny? What would a boy know of destiny? If a fish lives its whole life in this river, does he know the river's destiny? No! Only that it runs on and on out of his control. He may follow where it flows, but he can not see the end, he can not imagine the ocean.

JEONG JEONG, Avatar: the Last Airbender, "The Deserter" (2005)

We share a unique destiny, but our future is ours to shape and our past cannot be forgotten.

PRESIDENT LAURA ROSLIN, Battlestar Galactica, "Collaborators" (2006)

I'm a man who believes in destiny. But it's a destiny of your own choosing. Just because a trail leads one way doesn't mean you can't cut your own path.

FRASER, Due South, "Pizzas and Promises" (1994)

I wish destiny would lose our number.

ANDO MASAHASHI, Heroes, "Chapter Eleven 'Fallout'" (2006)

We are all, at our cores, the sum of our fears. To embrace destiny, we must, inevitably, face those fears and conquer them. Whether they come from the familiar... or the unknown.

MOHINDER SURESH, Heroes, "Chapter Nine 'Homecoming'" (2006)

You do not choose your destiny. It chooses you. And those who knew you before Fate took you by the hand cannot understand the depth of the changes inside.

MOHINDER SURESH, Heroes, "Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide'" (2006)

Destiny, while marching ever in our direction, can be re-routed by the choices we make, by the love we hold onto, and the promises we keep.

MOHINDER SURESH, Heroes, "Chapter Thirteen 'Dual'" (2008)

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