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There's an old proverb that says you can't choose your family. You take what the Fates hand you. And like them or not, love them or not, understand them or not, you cope. Then there's the school of thought that says the family you're born into is simply a starting point. They feed you, and clothe you, and take care of you until you're ready to go out into the world and find your tribe.

DR. MEREDITH GREY, Grey's Anatomy, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" (2005)

Just 'cause you're blood, doesn't make you family. You gotta earn that.

DEAN WINCHESTER, Supernatural, "And Then There Were None" (2011)

All families are old...some just keep a better record.

TERRY BELLEFLEUR, True Blood, "I Don't Wanna Know" (2008)

Family isn't whose blood you carry. It's who you love and who loves you.

BOB HO, The Spy Next Door (2010)

Man without relatives is man without troubles.

CHARLIE CHAN, Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)

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