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I'm a guy. Since when do we get anything right the first time?


Men always call women crazy when they're caught with their pants down.

ARIANA KANE, Alias, "The Abduction" (2002)

Despite the fact that I would love to have my legs wrapped around one right now, men are awful!

ANGELA MONTENEGRO, Bones, "The Doctor in the Den" (2009)

Men are never as mysterious as women wish they were.

GIL GRISSOM, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Fallen Idols" (2007)

Men don't like to cuddle. We only like it if it leads to... you know... lower cuddling.

RAY BARONE, Everybody Loves Raymond, "Move Over" (1999)

What is it with men? Do wedding vows mean squat to you people?

RACHEL GREEN, Friends (1994)

Men don't understand power - they think all it's good for is getting more.

PRINCESS ATHALIA, Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back (1989)

Men! The most absurd of God's creatures!

POISON IVY, Batman & Robin (1997)

Bowling is a man's sport. If God had wanted women to bowl, he would have put their breasts on their backs so we would have something to watch while waiting our turn.

AL BUNDY, Married With Children, "No Ma'am" (1993)

In all of nature, the male is the more beautiful of the species. The rainbow plumage of the peacock. The magnificent maned lion. Only in man, is the male a dreary, dull, colorless, unimaginative, deceitful, treacherous little worm.

BEBE MURCHISON, McCloud, "The Day New York Turned Blue" (1976)

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